Kings of College Football

Kings of College Football tells all the unique stories of each of the top college football programs in history. Diving into the past, we reveal the foundation that has helped sustain the success of each of the greatest programs. We look at Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and all the programs that fans have come to love and hate. We look at teams like Clemson, Florida, LSU, and Auburn, and the things that make them special. Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame, USC- this book leaves no stone unturned. For every college football fan, there are several things that differentiate college football from every other sport. These are the things that drive fans to college football. In this book, we tell the stories of Knute Rockne, Fielding Yost, and Bear Bryant. We tell the stories of The Best Damn Band in the Land, the Dotting of the I, and the Yell Crew. Readers will learn of the history of the Big Red, Boomer Sooner, and how Deaf Valley became Death Valley. They will read about the legendary coaches, the legendary games, and the traditions that never die.

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Book Title: Kings of College Football

Book Author: Spencer Stueve

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